Rain Rain Go Away!

Wed, 09/05/2012 - 10:27 -- Admin

Don’t let this horrible weather be an excuse for boring weekends. After a busy week at school, why not treat your children to a fun day out?

The best things in life are free! Local museums, art galleries and libraries are becoming much more child-friendly these days. What’s more, discovering the local neighbourhood gives your children a strong sense of community.

And children love history, particularly if it’s gory! Bring it alive by visiting a castle, historic house or monument and exploring the dungeons, kitchens and old living quarters. They’ll be fascinated by how people used to live.

You could also add to the excitement by inviting your child’s friend along, or better still, go with another family. That way your child gets to share the fun, and you get some adult company!

Or if you can’t face the weather and a car journey, you could have a great day in instead. Plan and cook a delicious brunch together – your children can help laying and decorating the table, scrambling eggs and beating pancake mixture. And you get to enjoy the results as well!

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